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Recruiting 2023

Are you already a mechanical wizard or just in the beginning of your journey to automotive world? Either way Metropolia Motorsport can provide you new challenges or even totally new skills and experiences that will give you edge in this highly competitive industry. We have a spot for everyone from financials to designing and manufacturing to simulations. All we need is someone who is curious, motivated and enthusiastic. Maybe you are just the one who we are searching for?


Below you find more information about applying!

Information Events

  • More information will be announced soon. So stay tuned!

Application timeline

  • Applications open 08.09.2023 and closes 15.10.2023

  • You will be invited to interview during October via email

Eligibility requirements

  • Being a full-time student of a university or a university of applied sciences

  • Being at least 18 years old if you are considering attending the competitions

We are looking for

  • Students willing to give time and effort for the project

  • No previous experience or knowledge is needed as long as you are motivated and enthusiastic

  • Students willing to commit for the project for at least one full season

  • Students able to communicate in English

What you gain from us

  • Get friends for life within the team and around the globe

  • Gain valuable skills and experiences with different software tools and machines some of which are not taught during your regular classes 

  • Contacts for your future career

  • Possibility to forward your education and get ECTS, participate in summer competitions


How to apply

It is highly recommended before filling an application to think carefully which subsystem you would like to be a part of. Use the link below to go to Subsystems page and read about what are our subsystems' responsibilities, then choose and apply! Please note that Media & Marketing and Driverless subsystems are done via separate applications. If either of the Media & Marketing and Driverless subsystems are your main choice, please fill the separate applications. Otherwise, fill the general form.


  • Answer in English

  • Upload your CV in PDF or video format

  • If you have questions you can contact us via email, or visit our office C107 at Metropolia Myyrmäki, Vantaa

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