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Team Manager 

Team Manager
Eemeli Levänen

Technical  Manager 

Techincal Manager
Aleksander Kulper

Electrical Technical  Manager 

Techincal Manager
Teemu Rauha
Subsystem Managers

Subsystem   Managers 

Joakim Grönroos
Aerodynamics Manager
Ari Kotamaa
Drivetrain Manager
Jiri Juuti
Suspension & Steering Manager
Matias Vainikka
Brakes Manager
Daniel Väisänen
AMS & Accumulator Manager
Frank Natanni
Programming Manager
Thomas Moraal
Composites & Chassis Manager
Onni Järvi
Wiring Harness Manager
Chrissie Kallebach
Safety Systems Manager
Asia Volkova
Media & Marketing Manager
Dovlat Ibragimov
DV & Simulations Manager
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