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Machining & Manufacturing

Reading and inspecting blueprints, sketches, or CAD and CAM files

Manufacturing of mechanical equipment's that involve metalwork with welding, grinding and hammering.


Setting up and operating CNC machine tools.

Turning, milling, drilling, shaping, and grinding machine parts to specifications

Measuring, examining, and testing completed products for defects.


Composites & Chassis

Design of a very lightweight durable composite structure.

Research and testing easier and better ways to manufacture it.

Manufacturing of the aerodynamic devices and electrical boxes.

Research and testing of ways to attach other components to the composite structure.

Preparing reports and documentation for the competition season.



Creating content for Team’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and youtube.

Teams’s website administration

Realization of individual sponsors Media plans

Design of posters, flyers, rollups, and team’s clothing

Editing videos, such as competition after movies

Collaborating with the marketing team to create a business plan pitch video.

Collecting Media material during the manufacturing, testing, and competition phase, in addition to other events.

Design of Competitions’ static events media materials: rollups, car’s specifications brochures, videos... 



Securing new sponsorship deals

Organizing events to promote the team and its sponsors

Preparing for competitions’ static event: Business Plan Presentation.

Writing and publishing seasonally newsletters and articles to the team’s website

Managing the Team’s recruitment phases.


Suspension & Steering 

Design and simulation of suspension geometry.

Design and manufacturing of suspension components.

Finding the right setups for suspension during testing season.

Testing all components and collecting data.

Preparing documentation and reports for competition season.


Drivetrain & Cooling  

Testing and validation on current compound planetary gearset, upright and auxiliary parts. 

With testing data reduce weight and improve the system stability and durability for future use.

Finding alternative materials, and research them to be used in future iterations of the drivetrain.

Sizing and assembly of the formula car's cooling system. 

Validating the cooling system design during the testing season and maintaining the system during testing and competition seasons.

Testing and collecting data.

Preparing reports and documentation for the competition season.



Design, simulation, and manufacturing of the pedal box.

Sizing, design, and manufacturing of the hydraulic box.

Testing the brakes system and collecting data during the testing phase.

Working on the implementation of regenerative braking feature to the car(Mechanical side).

Preparing reports and documentations for competition season.


Electrics & Programming

Design and building of a 600V accumulator.

Design and manufacturing of the wiring harness.

Simulation, design, assembling testing and debugging of printed circuit boards.

Working on the implementation of a regenerative braking feature to the car.

Programming ECU and other software's to operate the car.

Design and manufacturing driver-less system.

Testing the electrical components and collecting data during the testing phase.

Preparing reports and documentation for competition season.



Designing and assembling of the aero package.

Simulation of the car’s aerodynamic properties.

Design of wings’ supports.

FEM analysis of support and the wings structures.

Testing and collecting data during the testing phase.

Preparing reports and documents for the competition season.

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