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You got enrolled to the university of your choice. So, what's next? Let's begin from the basics. What exactly is Formula Student?

Formula Student

Formula – Student –  is an international engineering design competition where teams representing several universities are challenged to design, fabricate, develop, and compete with a formula type race car.

Joining Into The Team

Every Fomurla Student team has their own way of recruiting and trial period so for the simplicity, we will just take a look how it works for our home team Metropolia Motorsport.

After leaving your application to join the team you will be interviewed. The interview is arranged via email so remember to check your inbox once in a while for a mail from us.

The interview is split in four sections,


General quesitons

  • How motivated you are?

  • How long do you intend to stay in the team?

  • If you have previous experience about cars, mechanics, etc.

  • What are you hoping to learn from the team?

  • What can you offer to team?

Subsystem based

This section depends on what subsystem you selected when you left the application. But, for example, if you selected Suspension & Steering you might encouter questions such as,

  • Identify these suspension parts

  • How they were manufactured

  • If the car is understeering how would you approach fixing that

English test

No, this is not a exam. This part is just to get an idea of your english skill level since this is international competition so everything related to Formula S is written and spoken in english.

Last words

This is your last chance to tell more about your achievements or ask questions about the team so, dont let this chance slide!

Trial Period

During the trial period there is a lot going on. You're introduced to the team and how things are done there but, also you get to dive deep into your own subsystem with various tasks and endless archive from way back early 2000's when Metropolia Motorsport was founded. So, be as active and spend time at the office as much as you can since old members are taking notes and following your activity closely.

There is also few exams you have to pass before you become official member of the team. Such as, rule book exam and your subsystems own exam. And by 'rule book' I don't mean school's rule book, but FS rule book. This PDF file will become very familiar to you during and after the trial period. Every car that attends any FS competition is desinged and built based on the content of this book. So, it's not an bad idea to start reading it as soon as you can because there is a lot to read.


During the trial period you will get to attend Quiz practices. And especially if you have just started your university stuides you might get a bit overwhelmed by these practice runs. What are they and why do we have them?

Well, to get a spot in FS competition your team has to compete in these registration quizes that contain engineering quesitons and problems. Based on your teams score and time you get ranked. So, that is why we have these quiz pracitces, to not only be prepared to solve certain questions but also to get more efficient in solving them.

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