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  • Attended FS Czech, FS Germany & FS Switzerland

  • 3rd in Cost & Manufacturing


  • Top speed:

  • Weight:

  • Power:

  • Torque:

  • Voltage:

  • Energy capacity:

  • First 4-wheel driven

125 km/h

215 kg

80 kw

850 Nm

600 V

7,98 kWh


Hybrid-Spacetube Frame

Spaceframe frame with composite side impact and floor panels bringing the total weight to mere 36 kg.

Built from 61 tubes that include materials such as 220 steel tubing and Docol 800 - 1200.

Drivetrain & Cooling

5.8 meters of cooling

Meeting the requirments of all-wheel-driven motor system we have double of everything. Double radiators, fans and pumps. To cover every corner of the car we installed over 5 meters of 16 mm diameter heat-resistant water hoses.

Hub-mounted motor units

HPF021 is equiped with hub-mounted motor units that are rated up to 11.1 Nm of torque and 13 250 rpm for every wheel. Every motor unit has their own two-staged planetary gearset transmission that has reduction ratio of 12.348.

Torque Vectoring

By creating additional yaw moment to increase or decrease yaw acceleration. This adjusts driving torque or regenerative braking on individual motors to achieve the maximum performance in every driving scenario.

Torque Vectoring


HPF021 is power by combined 288 cells pushing the max voltage to 600 Volts with total capacity of 7.89 kWh. This power unit weights 48 kg and is over 20% of the car's weight. Depending on power usage it can provide 25 to 45 min.

Suspesion & Aero


Simplistic Aerodynamic


Öhlins TTX25 FSAE dampers compined with double custom made springs to ensure max handling performance thanks to TTX25's four-way adjustable dampers with external adjusters for low and high speed rebound and compression damping.

HPF021 aeropackage was design to be simple to keep it light and easy to manufacture but it's still capable of producing over 3000 kg of downforce.

Placement in competitions


Detailed Data

Detailed Data


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