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Are you seeking a challenge that can give a boost to your future career? Or do you simply want to put your hands on creativity? Invest in yourself and join the Metropolia Motorsport Team! Being part of our team gives you a unique opportunity to work together with students from different programs and with different experiences. You will also be challenged regularly when implementing the theoretical knowledge you have acquired during your studies.
“As part of the team, I was able to acquire many skills related to manufacturing processes, that helped me to complete my thesis and scale my career up. Developing products, understanding the technical language and CAD modelling were few of many skills that most employers appreciate from a young engineer, which brought me to a higher level.”
- Tuomas Teräsvuori (Alumni of Metropolia Motorsport)

Eligibility requirements:

Being a full-time student of a university or a university of applied sciences.

Being at least 18 years old if you are considering attending the competitions.

Having a B-class driving license if you want to be considered a driver for the Formula car.

We are looking for:

Students willing to give time and effort for the project.

Students willing to commit for the project for at least one full season.

Students able to communicate in English.

What you gain from us:

Get friends for life within the team and around the globe.

Gain valuable experience and contacts for your future career.

Possibility to forward your education and get ECTS.

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