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Metropolia Motorsport welcomes the holiday season with new trial members and car development plans

Metropolia Motorsport Formula Engineering Team has started the 2022 season strong. During the summer 2021 we started tests with the HPF021. There were challenges with the pandemic affecting our work with restrictions on campus during the past two seasons, but after all the hard work we are happy to have a working four-wheel-drive car.

For the 2022 season the team’s focus is on improving the HPF021.

The main goals are to test and introduce electronic control units and to finalize the car for it’s official rollout.

The four wheel drive will be improved using the electrical control systems, and that is when the new four wheel hub motor drivetrain which has been proven to be functioning at the end of the 2021 season will show it’s full potential. Control systems to be introduced; torque vectoring system to improve cornering speeds and traction control, which will optimize the wheel slip on all wheels.

For the final touches, the team is looking to finish the fairings and do some fine-tuning.

Besides the main goals, we are also looking into manufacturing our own planetary gear system to ensure it’s durability, and researching into even more diverse ways to use composite structures. At the moment we are looking for partners and suppliers for the tools and materials required, and can’t wait to dive even deeper into gear and composite manufacturing.

When it comes to the human side of the team, Metropolia Motorsport has got 29 new trial members who started their trial period in November. The new members come from different campuses and different fields, which gives us new opportunities.

The team is also planning to attend competitions in the summer 2022. We have already got a competition spot for Formula Student Switzerland, and we are looking forward to getting to race with our friends around Europe.

None of the team’s work would be possible without everybody who has been supporting us through the season. We want to thank all of our sponsors who made the 2021 season possible.

Metropolia Motorsport wishes you all a happy holiday season and a great New Year!


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