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Season 2021 Kick-off 

This season proved to be one of a kind in the history of our team. It came with many challenges, restrictions, and growth opportunities. It is certain that most of the Formula Student teams around the globe found themselves in a similar situation.

Our team has been doing its part in protecting our community from the spread of the COVID-19. However, that had a big effect on our season kick-off, especially the recruitment process. Although, the team has recruited new members, it has been quite difficult for the new recruits to integrate into the team and get to know each other, as most of the work excluding necessary manufacturing and assembly tasks, is completed remotely. As a result, the possibility to interact with other team members face to face, and occasionally having lunch together is brought to a minimum.

These challenges demonstrated the importance of good communication skills, empathy, and general awareness. The management of the team also found itself in a situation where adjustability and open-mindedness were crucial, as they had to come up with new ways to make sure the team operates as it is supposed to and to maintain a positive work environment.

On the 12th of December 2020, the trial period came to an end. The trial period consists of a few tasks that all the new recruits must complete with the guidance of their subsystem managers, in order to prove their motivation and dedication to be an official team member. As part of this period, a quiz based on the Formula Student Germany rules must be passed as well, as these rules are necessary to know in order to design any part of the car.

22 new active members are now part of our Team. We would like to welcome them all, and we hope that they learn from this journey.

Get to know our new managers and team members here!


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