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The Progress with HPF021

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The season 2021 is a continuation of season 2020. Last season’s team started building our first 4-wheel drive race car. Following the design phase, the manufacturing had to be suspended in March due to the national Lockdown in Finland. This season, the manufacturing has been resumed following all the COVID-19 guidelines.

The deadline for a fully assembled, and drivable car is in the early spring of 2021. Currently, most of our subsystems are building and assembling their own parts, while others are waiting for their parts to arrive that have been fabricated and processed by our partners. Without specialized equipment, these parts are usually time-consuming or cannot be manufactured by ourselves.

The electric subsystem had already assembled, and now is testing their printed circuit boards: TSAL, BSPD, LAPL, BMS, MCU, power nodes, analog nodes, LV DCDC, and telemetry. The 600V accumulator is slowly being assembled and is almost ready to be bench tested.

The frame of the car is being finalized. The composite subsystem, after weeks of experimenting with methods of manufacturing, proceeded with sanding, painting, and polishing the moulds of the side impact structures. In addition to that, they made the endplate moulds using aluminum, and testing these is the next step on their plan. They are also working together with the aerodynamics subsystems in order to build the wing profiles.

Our main priority is to ensure the assembly of the car while maximizing safety. That is the reason why our team members are following strict guidelines provided by the government, our school, and the management of the team. At the end of the day, that is the only way we can contribute to the competitions taking place next summer again.


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